History of Football at Midwest High School

	It was here that the first night game was ever attempted in the 
west.  The game featured Casper High against Midwest High on November 
19, 1925 "under the glare of twenty-one thousand watts of electric
power."  Midwest lost the game 20 to 0.
	The Midwest football team of 1933 was a small one, not one player.
	The Oilers of 1934, although handicapped by players who never even
saw a football game let-alone played in one, had a pretty good season.
They went 4 wins and 2 losses that year.
	The 1941 Oilers were considered to be one of the strongest yet.
The Oilers final record showed 4 victories and 5 defeats with the 
Powder River district championship.
	In 1944, the Oilers went 4 wins and 4 losses and got co 
championship in the district.  
	The 1945 Oiler team's record was 6 wins and 2 losses.  They beat 
the Upton Bobcats 44 to 0.
	In 1946, the Oilers went 8 wins and 1 loss, with a 6 to 0 win over 
Wheatland.  The Oilers went on to be Powder River District Champs.
	The Oilers went undefeated in 1947 with a monsterous win over
Casper 50 to 0.  A member of the Oilers was Allan Griffin, who still 
resides here in Midwest.
	Like the 1944 Oilers, the 1948 Oilers went 4 wins to 4 losses, 
with a major upset loss to Wheatland, 0 to 44.
	The 1949 Oilers went 7 wins with only 2 losses.  The highlight of 
the came with a win of 40 to 6 over Upton.
	The 6 wins and 3 losses in 1950 brought Don Hahn a compound 
fracture of the right leg.
	The football squad of '51 brought home 6 wins and 2 losses.  Jack
Malson, who played in the defeat over Casper 20 to 0, currently ownes
the Edgerton Cafe.
	With five, count 'em, five girls on the 1952 football team, the
Oilers went with a season of 4 wins and 5 losses.  The Oilers defeated
the sundance Bulldogs 38 to 0.
	The 1953 Oiler team went for 5 wins and 3 losses.  Bobby Wiloth
number 20, still lives in Edgerton Wyoming.  That year, Midwest beat 
Byron 18 to 0.
	In 1954 the Oilers went for 3 wins and 5 losses with their biggest
win over Casper 26 to 6.  Bill Ports, who ownes the Arcade Bar in
Edgerton, helped in the victory.
	The 1955 Oilers lost all but one of their games.  The win came
against Saratoga 25 to 0.
	The Oilers were Conference Champs in 1957.  The season was a 
good one with 5 wins and 4 losses.  Frank Shepperson and Jim Bays
helped the team that year, and still live in and arround Midwest.
Frank Shepperson went all state in 1959.
	The first Junior High team played in the 1960 season.  In the 
high school, we had many making All District and All State.  The 
team went 2 wins and 6 losses.
	No results were available for the 1961 football team.
	The 63 season brought the Oilers Co-championship.  They won 4 
and lost 4.  Bud Hahn, who ownes a welding shop in Edgerton, 
participated this season.
	The BIG 1964 team went 4 wins and 4 losses.
	The 1965 Oiler team took second in the state.  They won 7 of
their 8 total games.
	In the 1966 season, the Oilers won 4 and lost 4.  Confidentialy,
I see a pattern in these scores, don't you?
	No scores are available for the 1967 season.

	Oilers finish the 1968 season 6 and 2.
	No scores are available for the 1969 Oiler season.  Marvin
Ragsdale and Harry Lanning, who still reside in Midwest played this
season.  All State Oilers include Dale Miller, Dave Harshman, Randy 
Macy, Brad Chapman, and Bob Eldridge.
	The Oilers went 4 and 4 in the 1970 season.
	With 6 wins and 2 losses in the 1971 season, they had a crushing
season.  Their bigest game came against Tongue River, 66 to 12.  Stan
Lanning was part of the action this year.
	The 1972 team took home 5 wins and 3 losses.  A major upest to
Big Horn 34 to 0 was a take home score.
	No scores are available for the 1973 Oiler season.
	Rodger Malson, and Guy Chapman were on the 1974, 6 and 2, Oiler
football team.
	The 1975 Oilers, despite multiple injuries, went for 3 wins and 4 
losses.  Bruce Anderson made All-Conference and All-State team.  Dean 
Darling was also on the All-Conference team.
	5 wins and 3 losses were taken home by the 1976 Oilers.  Guy 
Chapman was selected All-Conference this year.
	No scores are available for the 1977 school year.
	With a 6 and 2 season, Steve McCoy and the 1978 Oilers had an 
impressive season.
	The 1979 Oilers captured the title of State Champions after a 9 and
1 season.  The Championship game was decided with a 33 to 8 win over
Big Piney.  Tim Hackworth and Don Pickinpaugh were a major factor in 
the Oiler's victory.
	Polls rate Oilers #1 throughout the 1980 season until October 25,
1980.  The Oilers went undefeated until the State Championship game.
Eight of the twelve players on the All-Conference team were Midwest
Oilers.  Just two of the Oilers big games were 46 to 0 over Moorcroft,
and 48 to 3 over Sundance.
	The 1980 Oiler football finished their season 3 and 5.
	The great effort of the 1981 Oilers brought them a record of 3 wins
and 4 losses.  Steve Van Norman helped bring in their record this year.
	The Oilers went 5 and 3 in 1982.  Bill Gold, Gregg Detweiler, Steve
Van Norman, Lloyd Steele, and Jeff Erdahl made the All-Conference team.
Jeff Erdahl also made it to the All-Stale team.
	The Oilers of 1983 ended their season with a respectable 4 and 6
record.  They beat Burlington in the playoffs 21 to 8 and lost the 
State Championship game to Cokeville 6 to 21.  Marc Chapman, Greg Hoff
and Dave Van Norman helped to bring the Oilers close to a State title.
	There are scores available for the 1984 season.
	The 1985 Oiler team took home a 6 and 2 record but fell short of 
their chances of state with a loss to Big Horn.  All-Conference Oilers
this year were Phil LeMaitre, Jim Cook, Dave Van Norman, Randy Eutsler,
Brent Palmer, Dale Brown, and Eric Mead.  Making All-State were Jim
Cook, Dave Van Norman, Randy Eutsler, Dale Brown and Eric Mead, Phil
LeMaitre, Jerry Chavis, and Brent Palmer.
	The 1986 Oilers had a record season of 7 and 1.  Their only loss
suffered by the Oilers was brought by Big Horn, 14 to 21 in overtime.
	Oilers made the Playoffs in 1987 with a record of 2 and 7.
	In 1988, the Oilers went for 4 wins and 4 losses.  Curt Chapman,
and Larry Sjolin played this season.
	The 1989 Midwest Oilers 9-Man, with a record of 7 and 3, took 
second in State.
	In 1990 the Oilers went for 5 wins and 4 losses.  Brandon 
VanderVoort and Tony Rouse played this year.
	The 1991 Midwest Oilers 9-Man football team went for 9 wins and
1 loss.  They captured the State Championship against Big Horn 6 to 0.
Chad Peterson and Brion Fauber played in the defeat of the Rams.
	The 1992 Oilers went for a season of 0 wins and 8 losses.
	2 wins and 5 losses was the record of the 1993 Oilers.
	The 1994 Oilers season went for 3 wins and 4 losses.
	3 wins and 4 losses were taken home by the Oilers in 1995.  Those 
making All-Conference this year were Jeremiah Cooley, Jody Good, B.J.
Jackson, Jerry Ragsdale, Jeff Angell, Chad Gordon.  Brian Ludgate and 
Randy Demick recieved Honorable Mention.
	The 1996 Oilers went for 2 wins and 5 losses.  All-Conference 
players this year were Randy White, Kevin Mercer, Chad Gordon and Randy