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Midwest Oilers

"77 Years Of Oiler Pride"

Midwest School History

	Midwest School started out as a one room school in 1912. This 
school included 32 children and one teacher.  Many students rode 
horses to and from school. The horses were housed in a barn provided 
by the company. During this time, elementary students attended 
school for half of the day to accommodate the large number of students 
	The schools continued until the 1923-1924 school year when all 
grade levels became represented.  That school year began with an 
enrollment of 90 and a teaching staff of three.  It was also the first 
year they had a class graduate from the high school.  At that time, 
the school was called Salt Creek High School.  The following year, a 
new high school building was built at a cost of $50,000.  This building 
was called the R. S. Ellison High School.  By the 1924-25 school year, 
enrollment had risen to 175 with a teaching staff of seven.
	Other early additions to the facilities included a new elementary 
building in 1926, a gymnasium and a cafeteria during the 1927-28 school 
year.  By this time, the school had instituted several departments and 
programs.  These included football, orchestra, track, physical 
education, M Club, and home economics.

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