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Lady Oilers

	There were no girls basketball games in 1975.
	There are no scores available for the 1976 Lady Oilers.
	The 1977 Midwest Lady Oilers went for 10 wins and 6 losses.  They 
also placed fourth in Districts.
	No scores are available for the 1978 Lady Oilers.
	6 and 9 was the record of the fourth place in Districts Lady Oilers
in 1979.
	Fourth at Regionals was taken by the 1980 Lady Oilers.  Thier record
was 3 and 12.
	The no senior team of 1981 aquired a record of 5 and 10.
	The 1982 Lady Oilers record was 15 and 1.  They got first in
Conference, and second at Regionals
	1983 was a very tough season with a record of 1 and 15, the exact
opposite of the year before.
	In 1984 the Midwest Lady Oilers went for 5 wins and 10 losses in
the regular season.  They also got third at Regionals with a record of 
3 and 2.
	No scores are available for the 1985 Lady Oiler basketball season.
	The 1986 Lady Oilers had a successful season with a record of 10
and 13.  They also were successful in Regionals and State, placing
third in Regionals and sixth in State.	
	No scores are available for the 1987 Midwest Lady Oilers.
	In 1988 the Midwest Lady Oilers record consisted of 8 wins and 2 
losses in the regular season.  They also went 3 and 3 in the Rozet 
	9 and 2 was the record of the first 11 games of the 1989 season.
Tara Matson averaged 30 pionts per game for the first 5 games, giving
her 150 points in the first five games.
	The 1990 Lady Oilers won the Conference for the third year in a row
with a record of 14 and 5 in the season and 8 and 2 in the Conference.
	In 1991 the Lady Oilers went for 18 wins and 5 losses.  They earned
Regional runner-up.  Four girls made All-Conference, Rebel Shepperson, 
Lynn Shepperson, Lisa Shepperson, and Lisa Matson.  Lynn Shepperson
ended the season with 421 points, Lisa Shepperson had 197 rebounds, 
witch averaged 8.7 per game, Rebel Shepperson had 75 steals, 166 
rebounds, and 43 blocks.
	The 1992 Lady Oilers had a 15 and 3 record for the season, 17 and 3
for Regionals, 18 and 5 in State.  Lisa Matson lead in scoring with 315
pionts for the season, Lisa Shepperson had 206 rebounds and 51 blocked
shots, Melissa Sutherland had 42 assists, and Lynn Shepperson leading
the team with a 80% free throw percentage.
	16 wins a 2 losses was the successful record of the 1993 Lady Oilers
Basketball season.
	The final standings for the 1994 Lady Oilers left them with a 15 and
8 overall season, 4 and 4 in the conference, and  third in State.  All-
Conference players include Jennifer Sutherland, Amanda Campbell, Kendra
Ragsdale, and Melissa Sutherland.  Kendra Ragsdale also gained All-
State North/South All-Star Game.
	In 1995 the Midwest Lady Oilers went for 14 wins and 4 losses.
They also placed second in Regionals but failed to place in State.  All-
Conference players were Melissa Sutherland, Amy Shepperson, and Samantha
Krier.  Tammy Wood made honorable mention.  Melissa Sutherland also 
made the North/South All-Star Game.
	A 16 and 7 record brought the 1996 Lady Oilers second at regionals.
	The 1997 Midwest Lady Oilers record of 11 and 9 got them regional
runner-up.  Amy Shepperson, Echo Sutherland, and Samantha Krier were
selected to the Northeast Regional All-Conference team.